Best Auto Insurance In US

Best auto insurance

Finding the best car insurance often means looking for a cheap and affordable insurance policy. But you should also consider the quality of service you will  receive after you have taken the insurance. For receiving good service you should have to choose the best insurance as well as best insurance company. , then only you will get a better service. we have evaluated large number of auto insurance companies based on their average rates for a variety of drivers coverage features, available levels of complaints, grades for collision, claims from auto body repair professionals and how understandable the insurers websites are.  Here are our top picks


USAA has pretty affordable rates for motorists with many types of driving  records, making it a good company for various driver profiles. Please note that you must be a military member veteran or military family member to be eligible for USAA insurance.

2. Geico 

Geico has very competitive car insurance rates for many types of drivers which makes it worthy. Cheap insurance rate, low level of auto insurance complaints are the main reasons to consider Geico.

3. Nationwide

Nationwide offers decent car insurance rates for some types of drivers and many helpful add-on coverages. The level of complaints against it for auto insurance is very low making it a company to check out.

4. Travelers

Travelers has decent rates in overall for many types of drivers. The company also has many optional offerings that can give you better insurance protection making it a good choice to look at when comparison shopping 

5. Auto-owners Insurance 

Auto owner's insurance shines with its optional coverage, options its claims process and low level of complaints which helps it overcome only average rates 

6. State Farm 

State farm makes it easy to file a claim according to most survey respondents many of whom plan to renew their policy state. State Farm is also the best auto insurance company if you do not have  military affiliation. State Farm earned slightly lower marks when we asked if customers were satisfied with the company's status updates during the claims process. Drivers insured through state farm reported that the company is a good value overall 

7. Allstate 

Allstate offers a superior selection of coverage options from accident forgiveness to disappearing deductibles. It also has a track record for low auto insurance complaints to state insurance departments which helps offset rates that are usually higher than its top competitors

8. Erie Insurance  

Erie has good coverage offerings and a top score for its collision repair claims and  processes. These advantages  Erie's car insurance rates, which are a mixed bag depending on your driving record. 

9. Auto Owner's Insurance 

Auto Owner's Insurance shines with its optional coverage options . It's claims process and low level of complaints which helps it overcome only average rates 

10. Farmers 

Farmers respondents in a survey gave this insurer decent scores in terms of satisfaction with the claims process, customer service and value . However farmers scores dropped a bit lower when we asked if drivers would recommend the company to friends or family, which indicates mediocre overall satisfaction. These are the 10 best car insurance companies in the USA which you can choose  according to your requirement

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