Construction Accident | Rights You Should be Aware About

Construction Accident | Rights You Should be Aware About

In this blog I'm gonna explain to you six rights that you should really need to  know if you've been involved in a construction related accident. The first right I want to talk about comes in the workers compensation package of rights and that is your right to medical care. If you've been injured on the job, your workers compensation carrier has to pay for all medical treatment that's reasonably necessary. That means all payment. You don't pay co-pays, you don't pay deductibles, they pay everything. 

The second right is that  if you've been injured in a construction related accident in California has to do with your earnings. If you're off work as a result of an accident on the job you're entitled what's called temporary disability payments and those payments come from your workers compensation provider. Those payments are typically two thirds of your average weekly earnings up to certain statutory maximum. 

Your third right is that  if you've been involved in construction-related accident has to do with what's called permanent disability. When your condition has reached a plateau where it's not going to get any better and not going to get any worse, sometimes it's referred to as a maximum medical recovery a lot of times I heard referred to as permanent stationary. When you've reached that medical stage if you have some type of limitations in the workplace then you're entitled to a permanent disability award. 

The fourth right,  that's really important to make sure you understand if you've been involved in a construction accident has to deal with retraining. If at the end of the treatment that you're not able to return to your prior job and do what you were doing before, then you may be entitled to a voucher or a payment to get you retrained into a new profession. 

The fifth remedy that you may have you've been involved in construction related accident California has to do with the right to a personal injury lawsuit. The workers compensation right are very good but unfortunately they don't really compensate you for all your injuries. To be fairly compensated hopefully you have a personal injury claim against somebody else that caused the injury. Because in the personal injury claim you could be truly compensated for what you had undergo, including all of your lost wages, not just the limited amount, as well as all the pain and suffering that you endured. 

The sixth right that you may have if you're involved in a construction-related accident has nothing to do with the money, it's about protecting your fellow coworker. If you're injured working in a dangerous working environment on a dangerous job site, you have the right to go to Cal OSHA. You have the right to go to the building department and to tell them about the dangerous environment to protect your co-workers so that that person doesn't suffer the same issue that you did.

We just went over six basic rights that you may have if you're involved in a construction-related accident in California. The workers compensation rights are fantastic for your immediate needs. They take care your medical bills, your temporary disability, potentially vocational retraining and even a permanent disability award but they not a complete package. The personal injury claim gives you the fair compensation that's just to deserve for all that you've had to go through including pain and suffering and all of your lost wages. So when you put those two remedies together hopefully you receive the fair compensation you deserve and then of course there's the right to report the matter so that your co employees don't find themselves subject to the same problems. 

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