Short Term Car Insurance | All you Need To Know

Short Term Car Insurance

In this blog we’re talking about temporary car insurance or short term car insurance. The most important thing that you need to know in this  is that temporary car insurance isn’t really a thing.  Reputable insurance companies only sell policies in 6 or 12 month increments, and those who advertise  short term insurance or single-day insurance should probably not be trusted. There are still  some ways to get short-term insurance . So let's go through it. 

Firstly, if you own the car you plan to drive, you’ll need a standard insurance policy.  Although most insurance companies sell their  policies in 6 or 12 month increments,  you can always cancel your coverage plan if you don’t need it for that long.  And by paying monthly, you don’t have to worry about paying for a longer policy up front. 

Secondly, consider the case of non-owner insurance. If you plan to drive a rented or borrowed car, here  you don’t own a car yourself, and you don’t live with someone who owns a car. In this case a non-owner insurance policy is perfect and often costs less than normal insurance plans. 

Third, Consider taking pay-per-mile insurance. Some insurance companies offer pay-per-mile insurance,  where you pay a low base rate for coverage and then a small fee for every mile driven.  It’s great for people who work from home, students, and people who don’t drive often. 

Fourth, if you don’t have a standard insurance policy  and plan to use a rental car temporarily,  consider taking rental car insurance instead. Although you can easily buy  rental car insurance  directly through the rental car companies, there are also third-party insurance companies which offers rental car insurance at best rate. 

Fifth, take advantage of permissive use and use your friends' cars when you can. Most insurance  companies allow the insured car to be driven  occasionally by someone not named on the policy. If you’re only briefly using a friend's car, temporary insurance is not necessary. 

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